Unmarked Union Pacific Police 2008 Dodge Charger

(Picture courtesy of Matthew West)

Union Pacific 2008 Dodge Magnum Crossing Accident Reduction Enforcement Unit (C.A.R.E.).

(Picture courtesy of Matthew West)


Southern Pacific Railroad Police Caboose

(Picture courtesy of Clint Stade)


Interior of Southern Pacific Railroad Police Caboose.

(Picture courtesy of Clint Stade)

Two Ford Crown Victoria (late 90s model) in front of Napa Valley Railroad Police Office (Caboose in background).

(Picture courtesy Napa Valley Railroad Police)


Napa Valley Railroad Police 2008 Crown Victoria

(Picture courtesy Napa Valley Railroad Police)


Two Railroad Special Agents talking near a 1990s model Crown Victoria.

Special Agent on the left is a Napa Valley R.R. Special Agent and a U.P.R.R. Special Agent  on the right

(Picture courtesy Napa Valley Railroad Police)


 Southern Pacific Railroad  Police Jeep Cherokee  assigned to Special Agent Toby Trevett in Avondale, Louisiana.

(Picture courtesy of Toby Trevett)

Amtrak Police Unit

2009 Ford Expedition


Amtrak Police Bus


Two Amtrak Police units with Amtrak Police Helicopter


Amtrak Police Unit

2008 Ford Crown Victoria


Late 1980s Union Pacific Railroad Police vehicle, Isuzu Rodeo, driven by Special Agent Paul Miller in Avondale, Louisiana.


Early 1900s Union Pacific Police vehicle, Ford Explorer, driven by Special Agent Paul Miller in Avondale, Louisiana..

Carrizo Gorge Railroad Police  helicopter


Carrizo Gorge Railway Police with marked unit

Carrizo Gorge Railway Fire Truck

Carrizo Gorge Railroad Police SUV


Carrizo Gorge Railroad Police marked unit

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police Vehicle.


Canadian Pacific Railroad Police Service Dodge Dakota police unit.

Photo taken in Calgary.

(Picture courtesy of Darwin Pearson of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)



Norfolk & Western  Bison Yard, Buffalo, New York.

Special Agent Jerry Reinhardt standing next to his 1973 Ford, Custom 500.



Cleveland,  OH

Norfolk Southern Railroad Police Special Agent Jerry Reinhardt standing next to his 1996 Chevy, Lumina.


Unmarked Union Pacific Railroad Police 2005 Ford Explorer at Bailey Yard North Platte, NE.

(Picture courtesy of Union Pacific Senior Special Agent Michael Wilson)

2003 CSXT Police Chevrolet Tahoe

(Picture courtesy of Bill Laubenheimer)

CSX Police 2008 Ford  Expedition with Accreditation sticker on upper vender.

(Picture courtesy of Bill Laubenheier)

Police helicopter assigned to the German Railway System

Union Pacific Steam Engine 844 with 2010 marked Ford Explorer at the Bailey yard in North Platte, NE

Heritage Special UP 1989 and passenger special along with 2010 Ford Explorer at Bailey Yard in North Platte, NE

Canadian Pacific Railroad Police 2009 Dodge Magnum, Calgary, Canada


Canadian Pacific Railroad Police 2009 Ford Explorer, Calgary, Canada

Summer 2004

East St. Louis, IL

Left Termianl Railroad (TRRA)  Police, on left Special Agent Jason Davis and on right Special Agent Nathan Branding.


Madison Yard, Venice, IL

Terminal Railroad Police new acquired 2010 Ford Explorer with new police markings and TRRA engine with new paint scheme.

July 2008

East St. Louis, IL

Termianl Railroad Police 2007 Ford Explorer

In an attempt to combat crime along the rail, Southern Pacific converted several C-50-9 Class Cabooses with police badge and lettering. They were used to deter and catch people who were stealing from the trains (primarily for auto trains).

Special Agents rode these cabooses along with the regular crew members.

(Courtesy of Brian Grady)

A Budd-built baggage-dorm car that was involved in a derailment in 1971 and later converted (1980s) for use by Southern Pacific Special Agents to watch auto loads on trains. 

Bay windows on the ends were installed and a 1 million candle power hand held spotlight was available for use by the agents.

This car was fitted with showers, toilet, etc.

(Courtesy of Brian Grady)


Philadelphia, PA

Conrail Police Cruiser at the New Greenwich Yard

(Courtesy of Frank Cosgrove)



Philadelphia, PA

Conrail Police Truck at the Zoo Interlocking

(Courtesy of Frank Cosgrove)


 Menlo Park Police and Ripon Police 2011 Emergency Vehicle Show

selects this  Amtrak Police car as Best In-Service Police Vehicle

1st Place

2012 Union Pacific Railroad Police Dodge Durango

Union Pacific Police 2008 Dodge Ram (Hemi Powered) K-9 Pickup and a 2006 Ford Explorer near a railyard in San Antonio, TX.

(Picture courtesy of Matthew West)


Angled view of Union Pacific 2008 Doge Pickup K-9 Unit (same truck as above).

(Picture courtesy of Matthew West)



UP Police Ford Explorers

Left: C.A.R.E. unit with old graphics

Right: K-9 unit with current graphics.

(Picture courtesy of Clint Stade)


UP Police Chevy Impala and Ford Explorer K-9 Unit

(Year model unknown, but look to be early 2000 models).

(Picture courtesy of Clint Stade)


First Napa Valley R.R. Police Car

(Picture courtesy Napa Valley Railroad Police)


Napa Valley Railroad Police 1996 Crown Victoria

(Picture courtesy Napa Valley Railroad Police)


BNSF and UP Railroad Police Units at a Parking lot in Alvin, TX during Hurricane Ike. Just the other side of the parking lot is a major line that UP and BNSF share with trackage rights.

(Picture courtesy of Matthew West)